Arnold Bake Society

Arnold Bake Society Publications:

The CD

Field Recordings of Dutch ethnomusicologists 1938-2000. 17 tracks by members of the Arnold Bake Society and 2 tracks from Arnold Bake himself recorded in India in the 1930's. The CD is available from the Arnold Bake society and is also distributed by PAN records.

The Journals

Ethnomusicologen Nieuwsbrief - A Dutch language journal published from 1989-1994.

OIDEION – The Performing Arts Worldwide is a journal of scholarly articles, edited by Wim van Zanten and published in cooperation with the Arnold Bake Society from 1993.

1 (1993) 2 (1995) 3 (2003)

De Bakeliet - A Dutch newsletter with articles published from 2005-

The Book

Music, Dance and the Art of Seduction. Frank Kouwenhoven & James Kippen (eds.) Bake Society and Eburon, Delft 2013 Hardcover, 460 pages, 18 articles. The book is available from the Arnold Bake Society.

ISTAR: Newsletter

The ISTAR Newsletter was published by the International Society for Traditional Arts Research in New Delhi from 1984. In 1986 a Dutch branch was opened, ISTAR Netherlands Foundation. Its activities initially focused on starting a School of Indian Music and Dance in Amsterdam, which led to the founding of an Indian Music department at Rotterdam Conservatory, now Codarts.

1 (1984) 2 (1984) 3-4 (1984-1985)


The Indian Music Newsletter was published in Amsterdam by Tritantri Vidyapeeth Foundation from 1982-1985. It was intended to provide background information on Indian classical music for local concert audiences, and also included reviews and interviews with artists.

1982 1983 1984 1985